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It is time to start choosing market animals(steer, hog, lamb and goat) for the 2017 White County Fair.The number of market animals that can be nominated are the same as last year.The number of market animals that can be brought to the fair will also be the same. The following is the number of market animals that can be nominated and shown:


# Nominated

# in show

Nomination Deadline


Market Steers



April 1st

Ouida Cossey 501-207-2272

Market Hogs



See Below

Rob Reedy


Market Lambs



See Below

Bobbi Taylor


Market Goats



See Below

Cathy Kidd


All market hogs, lambs and goats MUST come to one of the following nomination processing dates at the White County Fairgrounds.

•Saturday, June 18th -8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

•Saturday, June 25th – 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

All animals nominated as a wether or barrow must be banded or cut before arrival for processing.

All market goats and lambs must have scrapie tag in the ear or registration tattoo with papers.

There will be a $10 nomination fee for each market animal nominated.For market hogs, lambs, and goats the nomination fee will be due on the above nomination days.

Steers must be in possession of the exhibitor by April 1, 2017 and the exhibitor must come by the White County Extension Office with your $10 nomination fee, name, address, and telephone number.

The junior market animal show and sale is available to all White County youth following their 9th birthday through their 19th birthday or one time following graduation of high school.Any youth living or attending school, in White County may exhibit and compete for prize money.If you have questions, please call the respective superintendent.I look forward to working with you this coming Fair year.

Amy Heck

County Extension Agent - 4-H/Agriculture

White CountyLivestock / Agriculture Exhibiting

New this year! Monday Sept 14
White County Born and Bred Replacement Heifer Show
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Entry Forms
 - Exhibitor Letter - 2017
 - Livestock Exhibitor Summary Sheet 2017 (Exhibitor & Family)
 - Breeding Livestock Show Entry Form
 - Market Animal Entry Form
 - Miniture Horse Show Entry Form
 - Pony Show Entry Form

 - Poultry / Rabbits Entry Form (Animal World) 

 - Special Rules for Market Animals & Sale

 - Rules for Exhibiting Livestock & Field Crops

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 - Dairy Cattle Division
 - Dairy Goat Division
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 - Pony Classes / Rules for Pony Exhibitors

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