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Services & Rentals

For the Fair

Merchants Exhibitors / Concessions - Click here for more info

Merchant Exhibitor Rental Agreement 2021 - click here

Concession Stand Rental Agreement 2021 - click here

For Booth/Space rental please contact the office at 501.268.1568

Renting the Fairgrounds / Buildings, call the office

Merchants Building - 68 x 165 

Education Building - 68 x 165 

The Merchants and Education building are connected 

The Arena is Covered 

Fairgrounds overhead Map, buildings, areas, etc

Renting Booths/Space at the Fair
A new request will be selected on the base of the date received (first come first serve) 
All new request will be filled based on the availability during the first two weeks of August 

Call for rental pricing 501-268-1568

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